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Box Turtle Press is thrilled to announce the publication of Jill Hoffman’s long-overdue EXCITING second novel, STONED, coming end of April! We welcome your pre-orders.

In Jill Hoffman’s irresistible Stoned, the poet Maud Diamond not only indulges in reefer madness in her Beresford bathroom, but takes a much younger live-in lover, a handsome Russian (would-be-famous) artist, to the horror of her precocious children. An explosive triangle, by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, brilliantly drawn with outsized characters worthy of Dickens, lavish imagery, and impeccable comedic timing. Hoffman has written a book so poignant and pleasurable, like a Crème Brûlée for the eyes, you’ll read it again and again. And yet for all its seeming decadence there is a purity here like a fawn running into the water.

Stephanie Emily Dickinson, Author of: Razor Wire Wilderness

Great with child to speak,
Mudfish 23 is finally put to bed!

‘You tell me,’ is the theme of Mudfish 23. Honesty, emotion, shock, subtlety, poems whose reverberant language and intensity awaken more poems in the reader’s mind. Poems that remind us of our own forgotten lives, that stick in our mind like burrs on a woolen sleeve.

Donald Hall, in A Carnival of Losses: Notes Nearing Ninety, writes: “Jill Hoffman, a painter and a poet and a fiction writer, edits a thick and handsome literary magazine called Mudfish.” Mary Florio in NewPages writes: Mudfish “marries poetry and art in a spellbinding series of verve and verse….The volume is so well-edited that one has difficulty celebrating any particular poet out of the entire collection.” In its generous layout, it is as if every poet is featured, and a story-teller.

Mudfish 1984 was the first slender issue, but has expanded to include fiction. Now Mudfish 23 presents Stephanie Emily Dickinson’s Lastness,celebrating the life and death of the poet Ted Jonathan, blurring the boundaries between prose and poetry, and fiction and nonfiction. Each work selected is a memorable experience, and each issue is a work of art.

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“The poems in Paul Schaeffer’s first poetry collection, The Cruelties of Brooklyn, instruct us in how to mourn and endure our living and give us an occasion to follow a family line through its most valued asset: the voice of one who remembers and sings the memory of the lives of those now gone, those who loved him. And yet, Schaeffer does not dwell in sorrow and grief-‘life isn’t suffering…‘ at least not completely. There is joy here, too. ‘We are even ok with less than nothing/Even less contains a drop,’ I’m thankful Schaeffer tells us, ‘That drop nourishes us/We learn to love it so much.‘”
Curtis Bauer, Author of American Selfie

Mudfish Poetry Prize #17 Now Open!

Judged by Deborah Landau

Contest deadline: June 15, 2023
First Prize Winner is awarded $1,200 and publication in Mudfish 24
Two Honorable Mentions awarded publication
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#18: Dear Yiddish, Richard J. Fein
#19: Death, Please Wait, Rochelle Jewell Shapiro

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Mudfish 22 has launched! Better than ever — our constant theme — is true once again.

Mudfish 22 is bursting with beautiful outrageous poems, lavish selections from diverse poets, and new art by up-and-coming New York-based artists. The readers include the judge of the Mudfish Poetry Prize, Erica Jong, the first prize winner from Kentucky, two honorable mentions from Canada and Texas, a new poet from London, the guest Art Editor, John Yau, and many others.  Available through Barnes & Noble or via PayPal at mudfishmag@aol.com

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Mudfish 21 still available!

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3 book-length poems that rival the Odyssey. A $60 value for half price.

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The Gates of Pearl by Jill Hoffman,
Notes for a Love Poem by Mary Du Passage
Conversations with the Horizon by E.J. Evans


Vilnius Diary by Anna Halberstadt and Single Woman by Dell Lemmon

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Buy Notes for a Love Poem by Mary Du Passage and get her first book, Marbles, for free.

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