Poetry Prize Judged by Edward Hirsch

Dear Friends of MUDFISH:

Our esteemed judge Edward Hirsch has chosen the three winning poems as follows:

1st Prize WINNER: Myra Malkin, New York, NY, for “Wallis-Wallace”
2nd Place: Mark Wagenaar, Denton, TX, for “Letteromancy”
3rd Place: Michael Miller, Amherst, MA, for “Visiting Emily”

Fleming Meeks, Montclair, NJ
Gail Comorat, Lewes, DE
Heather Altfeld, Chico, CA
Zena Hashen Beck, Dubai, UAE
Dell Lemmon, Brooklyn, NY
Susan Berlin, Yarmouth Port, MA
dug Nap, Burlington, VT
John Gosslee, New York, NY
Timothy Nolan, St. Louis Park, MN
Mariano Zaro, Santa Monica, CA
Ellen LaFleche, Northampton, MA
Brendan Walsh, New Haven, CT
Wally Swist, Amherst, MA
Doug Smith, Chelsea, MI
Anna Halberstadt, New York, NY
Benjamin Busch, Reed City, MI
Jane Bridges, Ann Arbor, MI
Chelsea Wagenaar, Denton, TX

Thank you all for your submissions. We had an unusually strong batch of contest entries that we admired and enjoyed.
The Mudfish Editors

Jill Hoffman